Welcome to Digital Interactive Media Enterprises (Ireland) limited.

Rumors of DIME's demise have been greatly exaggerated !


Dime is still a 21st Century Digital Media Content Creation Company.

Utilizing creative technology and technological creativity, The company’s primary activity is researching and developing innovative path finding digital media concepts and products for the global marketplace based on original i.p. and/or patentable technological innovations.

Dime is involved in commercial Digital Content Research, Prototyping and Development across several established and emerging enterprise sectors including: Games, Mobile, On-line, Animation, Graphics, Interactive Narratives, Multicasting and others areas and platforms designed for the global media marketplace.


We are not seeking clients. We (still) do not engage in service work.

If you have come here seeking to purchase development or consultancy services, please accept our apologies.

If you have arrived here from one of our many registered domains (usually used for testing purposes) again our apologies. If you absolutely need something to read then visit here.








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