2006 – 2024

Digital Interactive Media Enterprises or DIME was first formally established as a privately owned limited company in Ireland in 2006. DIME was also designated as a HPSU by state agencies.

Since 2006 the company has been primarily involved in R&D activity across the intersections of Creative Technologies and Technological Creativity, mostly in the commercial sphere. The company focused on developing novel solutions to mostly unknown or then unrecognized commercial challenges and opportunities.

DIME originally began in a small, now demolished, office on the large physical site of a previously successful brewery. The sale of that site while the company was on a short hiatus due to a medical emergency had a direct effect on the company and resulted in DIME exiting that site and despite participating in a number of international events, conferences, meetings, and workshops, adopting a lower local and national profile.

The deterioration and collapse of the original Midas Initiative to which the company was invited also informed the decision to withdraw from all overt public collaborations.

Since 2006, the company has developed a slate of privately funded prototypes that have clearly foreshadowed later developments in the entertainment and commercial arenas.

The company continues to experiment, devise, explore, and develop new technologies and new commercial applications of those and other emerging technologies through it’s own private funding sources.

DIME does not solicit commissions, contracts, nor partnerships but if you wish to contact us do so via this person.

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